Spot Rogue Movers Before They Speed Off With Your Belongings

It’s moving day. Being the head of the household, you are in charge of organizing the details of your move. You’ve been up since six in the morning and now it is ten and you have not even had a bite of your toast neither a sip of your coffee. You’re constantly calling your movers but you get their voice mail. Your movers finally arrive two hours later than the estimated time of arrival and finally you get a breather at two in the afternoon. They pack up your belongings and they head off to the agreed destination – your new home. You arrive in your two story home and not a single sight of a truck nor your possessions nor your movers. Packers Al Ain What do you do?

Let’s rewind this scenario to a week ago when you first made that call to a moving company. Rogue movers have bright red flags – when it is too good to be true it probably is. Here are a few pointers rogue movers say to take advantage of your situation:

    • Estimates are too-good-to-be-true. Rogue Movers give low-ball estimates without walking through the items to be moved or do not do on-site estimates.
    • “We only accept cash.” Rogue Movers form of acceptable payment are usually in cash or they require a large deposit before the job is done.
    • “Your goods are insured.” They make a false claim that all your items are covered by its insurance.
    • Rental truck arrives on moving day. The movers are not in uniform and they arrive in a truck that is not company-owned or a marked truck.
  • Not provided a “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move” booklet. This booklet is required to be given to the customer by Federal regulations for interstate moves.

To prevent this from happening to you, your family and friends here is a list of tips before you book your move:

    • Obtain a cost estimate. local movers The estimate must be an actual estimation of your goods that needs to be transported.
    • Don’t select a mover based on price alone. Look into the finer details since you may be sacrificing things that are actually way more important.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, 40 million Americans move each year and the number of rogue movers are rising. It is important to take the precautionary steps before making a booking.

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