Windows XP Password Reset – Beginners Guide

The problem with XP is that if you lose your password, there’s actually no way of gaining access to your computer again to get it back. This is a major issue for a lot of people as it means that if you lose your password, you’ve literally got no more access to your system. The way to get around this is to use a “password reset” program to scan through your computer’s files & settings and change the password that’s stored in there.

All Windows computers (including XP) store passwords in a set of files and settings inside your PC. These files are not accessible from Windows itself, but are accessible on your hard drive. The trick to resetting your password is to change these password files using a program known as a “boot loader”, which runs independently of Windows. download windows loader A boot loader is basically a program that loads up before Windows and runs without Windows. These programs are very simple, but can do some amazing things.

There are boot loader programs available now which are able to load up and then change the password settings on your computer without causing any damage or side-effects to your Windows PC. Because these tools load up before Windows has a chance to load, they are able to open your hard drive and then find the files that are normally off-limits; and change their contents, allowing you to change your password. If you can use one of these programs on your computer, it should be able to make your PC log you in without having to ask for a password.

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